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Let's build your plan. Get unparalleled life insurance solutions and service, the kind AAFMAA Members have received since 1879.

As your partner, we’ll deliver on our outstanding reputation for extraordinary products supported by superlative customer service while your employees enjoy competitive rates and added benefits they simply won’t get from any other insurance provider or broker.

Our affordable, customizable Group Term Life Insurance coverage is only the beginning. The benefits of AAFMAA Membership include an unmatched level of support when it’s needed most — no matter what stage of their career your employees are in, or where life takes them in the future.




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Great advantages:

  • We work directly with you
  • Individual coverage available up to $300,000
  • No medical exams required
  • Access to additional AAFMAA Member Benefits
  • Individual policies for your employees they can keep.
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Member Services benefits:

  • Survivor Assistance Services
  • VA Claims Navigational Support
  • Government Benefits Expertise
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Access to AAFMAA's:

  • Financial Solutions Resource Center
  • Educational Resources
  • Digital Vault for Document Storage
  • Member Center
  • Premier Services

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Up to $300K in Individual Death Benefit Coverage
for Your Employees


Absolutely no medical questions. No exams. No underwriting. No surcharges.

Affordable rates and exclusive benefits.

Rates based on age brackets for cost savings and flexible budget payment options.

Access to AAFMAA's additional suite of Premier Services.

Other financial solutions that can empower your employees' financial confidence.

Member Testimonials

The customer service I received was friendly, professional and greatly exceeded my expectations. I am glad that I chose AAFMAA! CHRIS
We couldn’t be happier with process we went through to get our life insurance policy. From the initial call we have been treated with respect. Everyone that worked with us were very courteous and handled everything with in a timely manner. CLAUDIA
I never knew that something so special like this exists for veterans and service members. I am so fortunate to have found this benefit during my time of need. JOHNATHAN

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