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There’s something unique about the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA).

We’re focused on empowering the military community with affordable and dependable financial solutions — and we’ve been doing it for 143 years. When you partner with us, you become part of our Members’ success for a lifetime. Together, we can make great things happen for those who serve — even after they leave the military.

Why Partner with Us?

We’re proud of our history, and what we’re doing to support the future of thousands of AAFMAA Members within the military community. As the longest-standing non-profit association protecting military families since 1879, AAFMAA’s brand recognition is synonymous with trustworthy military-exclusive solutions and superlative personal service.

Our Members benefit from our expertise and an unmatched level of support for the military community: 

  • Survivor Assistance Services: When the time comes, we’re there to handle every step of the process for family members to claim all of the Member’s service-related benefits, as long as all of the documentation has been provided ahead of time.

  • VA Navigational Support: We’re experienced in moving through the claims process within the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other organizations, so family members don’t have to.

  • Government Expertise: We understand how to move through federal benefits and entitlements because we’ve been there before on behalf of our Members — and many of us are military ourselves.

When members of your organization open an account with us, they’ll also benefit from Member access to our:

  • Financial Solutions Resource Center: Financial insights from life insurance, wealth management, and mortgage experts who are well-versed in connecting servicemembers to solutions that work and make sense.

  • Educational Resources: Monthly webinar sessions on a wide range of topics that matter to the military community, plus our blogs, webinars and eNewsletter

  • Digital Vault: Each AAFMAA Member receives a secure online “vault” where they can store all of their essential documents and more — accessible 24/7/365.

  • Member Center: The central hub to Member account information, statements, beneficiary information, your family information report, and more — all in one place.

  • Premier Services: We pride ourselves on the service we give to all Members. Those seeking enhanced, one-on-one services can take advantage of this additional offering that includes initial VA award review and VA claims coordination.


Let’s make a difference together. We can start by partnering on these initiatives:

Co-Branded Promotional AAFMAA Landing Page to Track Member Sign-Ups

1-800 Call-In Line for Your Network

Social Media Support and Engagement Opportunities

Highlight on Our Partner’s Page

Monthly/Quarterly Newsletter Campaigns

Access to Our Financial Professionals for Webinar/Presentation Financial Literacy Support

Access to Our Online Content, Presentations, and Resources

Backlinks and Future Articles about Your Organization

Let's get started on our journey together.

Call Sarah Bumgardner at 910-307-3530 or email sbumgardner@aafmaa.com


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