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Military life is rewarding, but uniquely challenging. Your service — whether you just joined or have had a full career — deserves financial solutions that are easy. Easy to get, easy to afford, and easy to keep.

Get the solution you need with Simple Term life insurance from AAFMAA — the financial solutions provider trusted by the military community for over 144 years.

Simple Term is just what it sounds like — a term life insurance policy that is simple. The application process is quick and easy. Just answer five basic medical questions and you could be covered as soon as your application is complete*. No physical exam or medical tests required.

If you’re currently serving and you have a family, your Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) plan probably isn’t enough to cover all of your potential life expenses. Fill in the coverage gap and secure your family’s financial future with up to $200,000 of Simple Term. If you qualify, you won’t need to get a new physical or dig up medical records. Not to mention, your family will have access to all the benefits of AAFMAA Membership, including our exclusive Survivor Assistance Services and financial readiness education resources.

If you’ve already transitioned out of service and you’re over 25, compare VGLI and your other civilian life insurance options to Simple Term. You’ll get more value from Simple Term than the others, plus all the benefits AAFMAA Membership. Download the Simple Term Brochure to share with your loved ones.


It's easy to apply and approvals are fast if you meet the qualifications. Secure your family's financial future today with Simple Term.

Get up to $200,000 of affordable coverage quickly and easily with no medical tests or physical exams + AAFMAA Membership.


Quick online application and easy approval

No physical exams or medical tests

Supplemental to SGLI

A better value to VGLI and other options

Up to $200,000 coverage

Limited underwriting — just answer 5 basic questions


All current and former members of the Uniformed Services and the U.S. Military, their spouses, children and grandchildren aged 25-74

Member Testimonials

I've been with AAFMAA for 31 years. We originally joined AAFMAA to provide our family with survivor assistance whenever the first of us passes. It's an incredible comfort to know that a group of VERY competent and caring people will be here to assist the survivor at perhaps the most difficult of times. MAJ. HUGH BLANCHARD, RET.
Having a great life insurance policy gives me peace of mind. Not only do I have it for myself, I also have policy for my grandkids. LISSA M.
AAFMAA has a solid reputation and an excellent customer service. As an AAFMAA member for over 12 years, all my interactions with the company have always been positive. I highly recommend AAFMAA. I trust AAFMAA to be there when I need it. Thank you AAFMAA! FATMA J.

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The U.S. Government does not sanction, recommend or encourage the sale of these life insurance products. Subsidized life insurance may be available from the Federal Government.

*Subject to the full terms and conditions of the policy. Applicants are conditionally covered once a completed application is received and a first premium payment is paid. If an applicant is not eligible conditional coverage is invalidated.