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Established in 1879, the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) is the longest-standing, non-profit financial solutions provider supporting military families and Veterans with advice, information, insurance, financial planning, investments, mortgages, survivor assistance and other benefits.

We are proud to support you in the next steps of your journey and are proud to offer you our OCS Candidate Introductory Membership.

Limited Time Offer — Exclusively for Recent OCS Candidates

Don't wait. Claim full AAFMAA Membership now and get $5,000 while you still qualify!

As a recent OCS candidate, it's never been easier to become a full, lifetime Member of the oldest military association. Your status guarantees your eligibility for AAFMAA's BeyondBasicTM life insurance coverage and all the benefits that come along with Membership — including exclusive access to the $5,000 AAFMAA CAP Loan at 1.5% interest. But your qualification only lasts for a limited time. Claim your full Membership now

FREE Introductory Membership Includes:

Survivor Assistance Services
Complimentary $5,000 life insurance policy
2 years complimentary coverage


AAFMAA Benefits of Membership SGLI Alone FREE Intro Membership Full Membership with BeyondBasic
Financial Education Resources
Transition Readiness Resources
VA Claims Coordination
Personal Digital Vault for Essential Document Storage
Lifetime Membership Eligibility
$5,000 CAP Loan at 1.5% Interest Eligibility
Survivor Assistance Services 2 years As long as the policy is in force
Medical Tests/Exams Required None None None
Acceptance Criteria for OCS Candidates Guaranteed Acceptance Guaranteed Acceptance Guaranteed Acceptance
Life Insurance Coverage Up to $500,000 until you separate $5,000 for 2 years $100,000 up to age 70
Premium Cost As much as $30/mo. FREE Starting at just $9/mo.
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Call us at 1-866-724-0387 to sign up with an AAFMAA Membership Representative, or to discuss your life insurance needs or other services.

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